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Warcraft Resources for D&D 5e

Man, this is one of those projects I just look at and think "Did I really do all of this?" I've definitely got lost in this do...

The Search for the End

The documenting of my Minecraft adventure to beat the game! Mouse over the pictures for their original titles.
Entry 1: The Search Begins
Entry 2: Dungeons
Entry 3: Lava in the Deep
Entry 4: A Breath of Fresh Air
Entry 5: Diamonds!
Entry 6: Underground Victory
Entry 7: Obsidian
Entry 8: Welcome to Hell
Entry 9: Hellish Encounters
Entry 10: Surviving in a Damned World
Entry 11: The Dark Fortress
Entry 12: Blaze Rods
Entry 13: Brewing
Entry 14: Exploration
Entry 15: Caught in the Rain
Entry 16: The Canyon
Entry 17: Enchanting!
Entry 18: Ender Pearls
Entry 19: Eyes of Ender
Entry 20: Forest of the Stronghold
Entry 21: The Village
Entry 22: The Second Expedition
Entry 23: Humanity at Its Finest
Entry 24: Inside the Stronghold
Entry 25: Library of the Ancients
Entry 26: The End PortalEntry 27: Lost in the Nether
Entry 28: The Nightmare
Entry 29: Awakening
Entry 30: Recovery
Entry 31: Ender Hunting
Entry 32: Gateway to the End
Entry 33: The Time Has Come
The End Realm
Entry 34: The Quest is Over
Entry 35: The Literal End
I hope you enjoyed my adventure as much as I did! Stay tuned for Episode 2: Advent of the Wither

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