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Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Project: WarCraft III Easter Eggs

A few weeks ago, I was mildly interested in working on The Hard Lands (I need to write a post about that more in detail), so I opened the WarCraft III MPQ file to see if I could get any of the map icons to make a custom map. Instead of following through with that, I realized that I could rip the game's actual scenario map files and see them in the World Editor. I realized that there are all kinds of Easter eggs in the game that I never knew about, and indeed, that I couldn't find anywhere online.

Seizing this golden opportunity to do a service to the WarCraft III community (and possibly get some recognition for once), I decided to make a thorough, entertaining YouTube series where I showcase each Easter egg. I just finished the human one, and it already has over a thousand views! I'm lucky to have as high quality a website as The Hive Workshop to showcase my work; I bet most of my views came from there.

I got a lot of inspiration from the way PeanutButterGamer does his videos, and otherwise just had a blast messing around with Adobe Premiere. So far, people seem to like it, so I'm going to work like crazy to get the rest of the videos out over time, continuing with the Undead one next.

Click here to watch it! >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Jwb73Wx8og <<

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