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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Alfred Shortstaff and the Cavern of Time - Sample chapter

Well, after nearly a decade of work off and on, Alfred Shortstaff and the Cavern of Time is finally finished, edited, laid out, and published. A huge thanks to my co-author, Robert Strobel, and my awesome cover artist, Redge Ballard! You can buy a print version here or a Kindle version here! If you'd like a sample chapter of the story before buying, or just to see what our prose is like in the book, click the download link below. As always, I would love any feedback about the book, and if you share the link to the sample or to the Amazon purchase, I will be forever grateful! Robert and I aren't going to get much money from royalties, but just spreading the book for others to read is more of a reward than anything.

>>Click here to download the sample chapter! <<

Edit: I've decided to release the 2nd edition (with fixes to grammar errors and streamlined chapters) for free just for Pretzel Lectern followers!

>>Click here to download the entire book!<<

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