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Friday, December 26, 2014

Never-Ending Comic Hearthstone Cards

I've really enjoyed Hearthstone for the past year that I've played it, and since it came out with its latest expansion, Goblins vs. Gnomes, I've been thinking a lot about the game's mechanics. After finding the Hearthstone Card Generator online, I got the idea to make cards based on the Never-Ending Comic. My goal while making these was to both do justice to the comic and create mechanics, minions, spells, and hero powers that I wouldn't mind seeing in Hearthstone someday. I didn't worry too much about balance—the majority of the cards are Epics, for example—but it was interesting to think about how these cards would work in a real game of Hearthstone. I wish the game had a game editor like all of Blizzard's other games.

One thing I thought was interesting while making these cards was that comics seem to be very similar to cards in a card game. I was able to find dynamic and useful pictures for most minions and especially each spell, because the characters in the comic would actually use the ability. The cards easily capture the abilities in action.

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