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Friday, April 18, 2014

WarCraft 3 Map-movie #3 and #4

A two-for one sale today! I wish I could release these more sporatically, as in, between posts about other stuff. Projects have been hard lately with a baby on the way (Monday!) and finishing up finals. I haven't even touched Knight Guy for a week. Hopefully I can get back in the swing and have a summer full of projects! 

This first one, Salem Witch Trials, is not a very impressive one by any means. No dynamic camera, boring landscaping, errors in animation... but I was pretty proud of it when I was 13.

Here's another old one I was proud of, mostly because I thought it was hilarious. Though I am impressed that I could pull off the animation trick well (If you knew how World Editor worked you might be too), it was mostly just for the fun of it. Back then I tended to make lots of little ditties like these, rather than working on bigger cinematics like Apotheosis.

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