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Saturday, August 17, 2013

End of the summer update

Well, now that summer is over and I feel like I've gotten all the computer-game playing and vegging out of my system, hopefully I'll be able to buckle down and work on some projects again. It seems like in the summertime I'm lazier, even though I'm working more than doing homework. I think the intellectual stimulation of school inspires me to work on personal projects more. I just hope I don't get stuck in a permanent rut after I graduate.

Anyway, here's a basic update of some of the things I've been working on:

  • I started editing Alfred and the Cavern of Time for its third copyedit, so one more time through on my part and my cousin's, and it should be almost ready to be "published." When I say published I mean possibly bound into a codex, but at least it'll be "finalized" to the point where I can make an audiobook of it. And later, perhaps into a Graphic Audio book with sound effects and music.
  • I just finished It's a Wonderful Loaf - Part 1, the YTP of It's a Wonderful Life, so that was a lot of fun to work on. I put it on YouTube, but I'm only going to release it to the public's view when Christmas comes. By then I can maybe get the other part (or two) done so they can all be together. That will also give me enough time to see how strong YouTube's copyright laws are. There are thousands of YTPs online, so hopefully mine won't be taken off.
  • I've been really wanting to make a couple of short films, and I have one or two ideas... I'll hopefully be able to put them to use soon. My deal is, if I can just write up a screenplay, the idea comes to life almost immediately. Filming and editing is the easy part. So hopefully I can find time (and motivation) to write up some screenplays. Or at least mess around with a greenscreen or something.
  • A couple of easier projects that are just documents, such as the Corridor Roleplaying Game handbook, should be easy to work on in the near future, so hopefully I can finish those soon.
  • And there's always graphic art that seems to pop up every so often, so I hope to put on some of that soon as well.
That's all I can think of now, so onward to the fall semester!

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