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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Project: Corridor Role-playing Game

I decided just randomly a week or so ago (Literally randomly. I seriously can't even think of what gave me the idea. I was just suddenly there at my computer, with four pages typed up already) to make a handbook for the original Corridor game (previously called "The Hero," and "Dungeons of Doom") that my brother and friends would play as kids.
I'm taking some liberties; for example, a six-sided die is now used to determine the success of certain encounters, and a set of skills are going to be included. But I'm going to try and capture the basics of the game I had so much fun inventing and playing.
Of course, when I'm done I'll release it as a .pdf for download. I'm also still trying to come up with a logo for Corridor (both the board game and the pen-and-paper RPG).
Anyway, hopefully I can capture the fun of actual Corridor games like the one shown here from high school. Obviously, back then we only needed paper and pencils, but a guide will help to organize some of the more iffy rules and have a template for dungeons.
I just really am fascinated with Corridor. I think it's interesting that, even though I never learned about Dungeons and Dragons as a kid, I came up with my own version. I think there's something inside all of us that wants to pretend, to explore what we can come up with on our own. Just looking at the unfinished game here, I really, genuinely wonder what's behind that door blocked by the wooden wall. And I wonder what all of the situations were that these characters encountered. That's the problem with this game, is that you can only play it once per sheet of paper. Then it's anyone's guess what happened amidst the mess of scribblings and erasings. I wish I could invent something that could read the order that lines were drawn. Then I could see it drawn all over again and really get some good ideas.
Anyway! Another fun project on the list to have fun working on. Later days!


  1. Try using the grafitti app on Facebook for this project. It records all the drawing, erasing, and redrawing then plays it back to you like a time lapse video. Perfect for capturing the game! I'll even let you borrow my wacom drawing tablet for the project. :)

    1. The project itself is a manual I'm making to explain how to play the game, but that's a great idea to maybe make an example playthrough of the game!


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