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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ancient N.E.C.facsimiles

Whenever I stay over at my parents' house in Idaho, I try to find time to look through the archives of my ancient tablet stash. In these two or three large boxes are contained the vast majority of my best doodles that have been preserved for decades. There are standalone pages of graffitied classroom notebook pages, actual formal colored drawings on printer paper, and makeshift "tablets" made from the backs of hundreds of used worksheets stapled together (my dad used to be a 5th Grade teacher). It seems like every time I skim through this treasure trove I find memories inscribed in markers, ink, and colored pencils. This time I found these gems, and I figured if any of you have read through the Never-Ending Comic I uploaded this past summer, they may be interesting to you.

Some of these color schemes surprise me. Zabo, for instance, I thought would have an inverted form of the color scheme that he has above. And Manto looks more like Mewtwo than I think I intended with those gray colors. You can also see an interesting assortment of characters that were never seen. Mercu, which appears to be the Chaun-evolved form of Geo, as well as Red Zabo, "Pall"(an obvious clone of Palmon from Digimon) and Spikehare.
Anyway, it's mostly just fun to speculate what might have continued on on NEC. It's interesting that these drawings seem to be from when I was at least in 7th Grade, which was a year after I stopped making new comics.


  1. What boggles my mind is that you systematically created these creatures and stuck with them, quite precociously. Then you drew them again, recognizably so, and then with their attacks. Whenever I tried to draw any of my creatures again, they would always turn out different. I'm impressed. It's quite a bit of talent.

  2. Thank you for your compliment, though I doubt this example deserves much credit. Some of them are pretty warped right next to their attacking form (thank goodness they're at least colored the same). I think that's one of the hardest things I've had to learn as an artist of comics. You have to draw the same character virtually the exact same every time, albeit with different poses and expressions. The best way I've found to do this is by sketching. Hence some of my other works, like my graphic novel practices. Have you looked at the Never Ending Comic itself, Nobody-In-Particular?


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