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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Mirror

A thousand kudos for whoever can figure out the interpretation of this elusive short vid!
A deep meaning managed to slither into this video through a crack I didn't even know was there. Who knew that, through the wackiness of a webcam(my only means of recording), my own unconscious brilliance, and probably Providence, a profound, almost poetic significance gleams in a hidden corner of this vid you may be able to find!
Hint: Look at the clock.
Highlight below to see the spoiler meaning:
As the clock is clearly backwards, we can conclude that the personage in the mirror is the real person, and the person on our side is in fact, his reflection. The real person(the reflection from our point of view), looking at himself in the mirror, resents his own way of life/the person he has become and leaves in disgust.
The reflection(the real reflection) is slightly awkwarded out, acknowledging with slight confusion that he is merely the reflection of light onto a shiny surface being reflected back and nothing more; Therefore, wonders the reflection, what has the person against something as inanimate, phantom and nonexistent as I?
The person thinks nothing of this; he thinks nothing of the mechanics of light reflection and is in fact disgusted with some concept far deeper: himself as a person.


  1. I love this, especially the hidden meaning!

  2. Thanks. Kinda accidental :)
    My webcam flips images automatically, and it ended up making everything interesting.


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