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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quite Small Tales volume 1

Below are a few of what I call "Quite Small Tales." Each one is a true story I have heard, and each has a moral, but I'm not going to tell you what it is. That's up to you to try and guess. And yes, the names have been changed.

Jimbo was struggling with a relationship. Should he break it off or keep trying? After much debate, he decided to break it off. On the way to his girlfriend’s house he passed a Nike sign that read “Just do it!”
“Yes!” thought Jimbo.

Bango lived in the 80’s, when Cabbage Patch Kids were a big fad. The fad was so large that his 6-year-old daughter was shunned at school for not having one. So he set out with his wife and daughter out to try and find a Cabbage Patch doll for her. Bango went to Kmart, but they were sold out. He went to Walmart, but they were also sold out. He went to the mall, he went to Toys Я Us, he went to every toy store he could find, and all were sold out of Cabbage Patch Kids. Bango was disgusted, as he hated the ugly dolls, but he wanted his daughter to fit in at school. Finally, they found a single Cabbage Patch doll in a corner of a department store, probably hidden for someone who wanted to come back for it later. It wasn’t the doll his daughter wanted, but she agreed to take it as it was all they could find. The doll’s price tag said $12.00, but Bango and his family had to pay $89.00 for the Cabbage Patch Kid.

One night, Dingo rented a DVD from the video rental store. He took it home and put it in his DVD player, pressing the play button. As he began the movie, he realized with dismay that it was a widescreen setting, incompatible with his square TV. The image was stretched in the center of the screen, twin black lines at the top and bottom. Dingo frowned, but with no other option began to watch the movie. After five minutes of watching, Dingo forgot completely about the lines and enjoyed the film.

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